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The CrossFit Motto

Located in Hemet Ca, our facility is about fitness reborn. Our motto..

1. I will promise to do my best. My best will vary from day to day, from hour to hour, from minute to minute. But in that minute, I will do the very best that I can.

2. Lactic acid is my friend. The wind is my friend. Anything that opposes me is actually helping me to become stronger. If I had no opposition, I would be weak.

3. If I can run, I run. If I have to walk, I walk. When I am forced to crawl, I crawl. And then I rest and live to fight another day.

4. I fear no man but I fear my workout. If I don’t fear my workout, it isn’t hard enough.

5. I may puke. I may cry. But I will not quit. Ever.

6. I never cheat. There is no honor in cheating. What joy can there be in a victory I did not earn?

7. The workout missed is the opportunity missed. I will not cheat myself of the opportunity to become a better athlete and person.

8. I understand the value of the push-up, the pull-up, the sit-up, the squat, and the deadlift. Just as there are a million ways to make chicken, so too are there a million ways to squat, sit up, pull up, push up, and deadlift.

9. I will give everything I have. And then I will find more within myself.

10. I don’t complain. Complaining is for crybabies. There are 250 babies born every minute worldwide. I will leave the crying to them and I will soldier on.

11. I will bite off challenges, spit out results, and beg for more.


Jan 17 2020


TEAM WOD: Teams of 2 You go, I go 30 RFT: 6 Air Squats 4 Burpees Box Step Overs 100m Run *If you have a weighted vest, wear it. *Partner A completes a round, while Partner B rests. Switch after every round. Each partner should complete a total of 15 Rounds.

Jan 10 2020


TEAM WOD: In Teams of 2: For Time: 1600m Run w/ MB (20/14) Then, 8 Rounds: 10 WB (20/14) 1 Rope Climb Then, 800m Run Then, 4 Rounds: 10 WB 1 Rope Climb Then, 400m Run Then, 2 Rounds: 10 WB 1 Rope Climb *One Partner Works, while other Partner Rests. *Split Run as needed. …

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